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Maurice Badler uses Teamwork Retail
Chelsea Morning uses Teamwork Retail
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Wireless POS.

Tablet Free yourself and your employees to service your customers anywhere in your stores. Use wireless POS for line-busting, doing physical inventory anywhere, or use as a customer display. Employees can ring up sales, check the inventory, accept unlimited payment types, manage store credit, gift cards, and gift certificates. Use the wireless POS to show videos, demos, or advertisements.

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Cloud Computing.

Teamwork Retail software services are predominantly delivered as a “Cloud Solution”, meaning that the “Headquarters” software is hosted in a secure data center controlled by Teamwork Retail and accessed via the web from anywhere. Teamwork Retail Cloud Computing Instead of investing thousands of dollars in complicated technology that must be installed and maintained on-site by IT experts, our clients now have access to everything they need to run their business on their desktops and tablets.

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Retail Management System.

Manage your stores with real-time information, viewed with unlimited custom reporting capability, including retail key performance indicators, charts, graphs and retail calendars. Fast and simple store operations installation and configuration with centralized management of users and settings, roles-based security and Store Status Dashboard. Control your inventory, do purchasing and inter-store transfers from anywhere via the internet.

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