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Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Management of Franchise operations from the total picture to granular reporting, with real-time information that analyzes all of your Franchisees' performance.

Software as a Service model virtually eliminates risks usually associated with a system purchase and provides unlimited growth potential. Access from anywhere, with the agility to respond quickly to new opportunities.

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Key Features

Franchise Management offers:

  1. Unlimited Growth
  2. Access from Anywhere
  3. Individual Store Operations
  4. Warehouse Operations
  5. Reduced Hardware & Servers
  6. Reduced IT Support Staff
  7. Customizable

Real Time Information.

Teamwork Retail Real Time Information Teamwork's Franchise Management Software provides real-time information that allows you to manage your business. For instance, you can instantly get reports on specific product performance in a single location or throughout your entire franchise system or offer coupons and promotions that will be applied immediately and consistently throughout your franchise system.

Reduced Costs.

Utilizing a Software as a Service subscription model, Teamwork reduces the necessity of a large up-front investment for hardware, servers or software licenses. There are no costly annual maintence fees or support contracts to buy. IT personnel can be re-assigned or eliminated.

Franchise Control.

Benchmark your Franchisees and identify the best performers. Control how your products are priced and where those prices apply. Oversee shipments and transfers. Use Reporting and Analytics for overall management or drill down into individual store operations.