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iPad POS System.

iPad POS System

Use the iPad as a POS system anywhere! Your employees can write up sales, take credit cards, use signature capture, show videos or product demos, search customer records or inventory.

You can also use the iPad in the store as a customer display or for stock counting on the floor.

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Key Features

Use your iPad POS for:

  1. Line-Busting POS
  2. Inventory Stock Count
  3. Shopper Display
  4. Videos
  5. Product Demos
  6. Search out of Stocks
  7. Credit Card Reader

iPad Line Busting POS.

iPad Line Busting POS

Don't keep your customers waiting in line when they could be checked out in a matter of minutes with an iPad anywhere in your stores. Ring up sales, take credit cards.

Shopper Display.

iPad POS Forget pole displays; show your customers their transaction on the iPad, including an iPad signature-capture for credit card transactions on the display. Employees can also display marketing offers, videos or product demos on the counter or walking around a store with the iPad.

Inventory Stock Count.

Inventory Stock Count Use the iPad to count your stock with real-time validation of physical inventory results.