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Online Point of Sale

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Key Features

Teamwork Retail on-line features include:

  1. Works On-line or Off-line
  2. Safe and Secure Back-up
  3. Customer Management
  4. Customer Loyalty Program
  5. On-line Store Integration
  6. Continuous Upgrades

On-line & Off-line

Teamwork Retail works online and offline With local in-store data storage and processing capability, you will never be unable to use Teamwork to operate your stores even if the internet goes down. Your local POS and Store Operations Software will continue to work in each store and when the internet comes back on-line it will upload all transactions that have taken place since the internet went down.

Secure Backup On-line

Teamwork Retail Secure Backup You will never lose your files with Teamwork’s continuous back up of your system on our off-site redundant servers. You won't worry about losing your data to hackers, theft or natural disaster.

Integrated On-line Store

Teamwork Retail Integrated Online Store Rich content management with web-server integration allows your on-line store to synchronize with your inventory and reporting. See all of your reports for all channels of your sales so that inventory replenishment, transfers, credits, etc. are all integrated. Achieve Omni-Channel retailing with Teamwork.