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Retail Management System

Retail Management System

With Teamwork Retail you can expand to hundreds of stores without software limitations or costly upgrade requirements. Store settings such as roles-based security and users limitations are controlled by Headquarters.

Stores are fully operational even in off-line mode. See real-time inventory levels chain-wide and do stock balancing with precision inter-store transfer and in-transit control.

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Key Features

Full Retail Management includes:

  1. Provides Real-Time Information
  2. Analysis and Reporting
  3. Store Operations
  4. Warehouse Operations
  5. eCommerce Operations
  6. Multi-Store Management
  7. No expensive licensing

Real Time Information.

Teamwork Retail Real Time Information Real-time retail management streams data continuously among all locations with no support-intensive polling required. This shows on-hand quantities that are current for every location, preventing stock-outs and lost sales. Real-time management of transfers will reduce shrinkage risk. Store credit is updated thoughout the enterprise in real-time, better serving the customer and preventing fraud.

Store Operations.

Fast and simple store operations installation and configuration gives centralized management of users and settings. The Store Status Dashboard provides quick overviews of activity in every store.

Lower Expenses.

Teamwork Retail Lowers Expenses Reduce operational costs while focusing on building stronger customer relationships and improving financial management. Teamwork Retail requires less IT staff and a reduction in total cost of ownership for most retailers with no expensive up-front licensing costs.