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SaaS Point of Sale.

SaaS Point of Sale

Software as a Service (SaaS) enables the retailer to easily and quickly implement point of sale and inventory and customer management software in the stores and the office. A monthly subscription includes updates, upgrades and improvements automatically at the time they are made by Teamwork. By eliminating capital expenditures in up-front hardware costs and software licenses, retailers can save on technology budgets. The flexibility and scalability of SaaS allows for unlimited growth.

With Teamwork the point of sale is actually a “smart client” in that the POS operates on a desktop computer or tablet in the stores, connecting to the Store Operations which connects to Headquarters via the web or the “cloud”.

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Key Features

Software As A Service (Saas) offers:

  1. A Single Monthly Subscription Fee
  2. Reduced Upfront & Long-term Costs
  3. Updates & Improvements Included
  4. A Smaller In-house IT Department
  5. Allows for Unlimited Growth
  6. Seasonal Costs are Mitigated
  7. Real-Time On-Demand Data

Reduced Cost.

Teamwork Retail is easy and fast Upfront costs of a Saas-based point of sale solution are lowered by eliminating capital expenditures for hardware and software licenses. Retailers can save on IT budgets and staff. Software upgrades are automatic, giving users a more consistent flow of product enhancements at minimal expense.

Unlimited Growth

As a Saas-based system, Teamwork Retail can grow with your retail business, servicing an unlimited number of stores, warehouses, product lines, and customers.

Real-Time On-Demand Data.

Teamwork Retail Dashboard Adjust to market changes with the ability to adapt and expand quickly and efficiently. Better service your customers with real-time inventory. Protect your bottom line with real-time reporting on returns, store credit and use of gift cards.