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Web-Based POS.

Web-Based POS

Teamwork customers access the headquarters software through the web. Store Operations Software installed within each store interchanges data with the web-based headquarters software providing real time information without the risk run in other cloud based systems of losing the ability to ring sales with the internet down. Tablet computers connect with the Store Operations software and perform additional functions such as ringing up sales, taking stock counts, in-store marketing, shopper displays and signature capture required for credit card transactions.

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Key Features

Web-Based Teamwork Retail includes:

  1. Point of Sale
  2. Four-tier Inventory Control
  3. Purchasing and Receiving
  4. Transfers
  5. Administration
  6. Management Reports
  7. Training

Inventory Control.

Teamwork Retail Inventory Control With diverse product ID types, four-tier department classifications, custom fields and lookups, web-based Teamwork will handle inventory for an unlimited number of locations. It will track serial numbers, plus lot and expiration dates. Track trades, wishlist, rentals, and many other types of inventory transactions. It provides for rich content with images and long descriptions and supports multiple cost methods.


Teamwork Retail Purchasing Web-based Teamwork supports purchase planning and replenishment management. While keeping track of all your manufacturers, vendors and contacts, it will create corporate and store-level purchase orders, multi-location and drop ship purchase orders and even purchase using foreign currency costs. It will supply purchase receipts, purchase invoices that record the ultimate cost of merchandise for a laser accurate cost of goods and do packing slip verification.


Teamwork Retail Analysis With Teamwork’s web-based Report Manager see all your retail key performance indicators, built-in charts and graphs and retail calendars. Write new custom, exportable reports with the flexible and comprehensive report writer for the management of your stores.